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"Grandma's Place" is a temporary residence for displaced mothers with children where we are trying to work on one-on-one basis with each and every member of the family. Please, check on our bigger events in the News and Events section but we also have more and more activities on our own grounds. Thank to our volunteers the families can experience all kinds of activities that happen in most of the homes. From a new born baby parties through birthdays, holidays and outdoor pastime, our place tries to provide a stable environment for children and their mothers. Children are our priority.


Some of the children at "Grandma's Place" were able to spend a week at the Royal Kids Camp or participate in The Boys and Girls Club day programs. All of them spent some time on a lake this summer and it was a dream come true for all of them. Here is the fun we had:


Our Cooking and Baking Classes:
What would be a holiday without baking? This Easter we made some cheesecake cupcakes. They were delicious and quite easy to make. The families had fun and greatly enjoyed the dessert.

Our volunteers help mothers to cook and shop on a budget. "Cheffie" Christine can make a healthy meal in almost no time and Evelyn can make miracles with coupons.

Our cooking and baking classes allow mothers and children not only to learn new, homemade dishes but also to have fun in the kitchen together. Children love to participate in those events. 

Soups, cupcakes, meatballs brought tasty meals to the table but fruit smoothies made kids get a little wild with kitchen appliances.

Parties and more ...

We are proud to say that our families participated in quite many activities during the first year of operation. Especially much fun had the children: Halloween costumes, house decoration and a party, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas Party, wrestling for the boys, bowling for the whole family, fun in the local parks including an outdoor movie night, arts and crafts and book readings, New York shows and New York exhibitions. All this hopefully will stay in the memory of the youngest ones.

Museums and Exhibitions:
Winter can be fun, too. We went ice skating and all the children want to go again.
Easter is just around the corner again:
Night at the movies:

Clifton Recreation Department offers a lot of free or low cost activities available all year round, among them a movie night in the park. Great time for the whole family.
We can't get enough of summer:

Petting Z00:
Swimming and playing outside:
Be on guard, he is watching:
I don't like wet feet

... and sand !!!
.....Jumping and falling feels so good
Testing the ocean for the first time:
Taking turns on being buried...Friends'help is always welcomed.
It's soooo much water !!!

A friendly encouragement can help to overcome the fear.
Feeding birds can be funny and... tricky.

Another day of fun. It's October and autumn is here but the weather was gorgeous and we had an Indian Summer Fest in the park. There were hamburgers and hot dogs, fruit and cookies and our children had a blast. It's a day to remember for them: hiking in the woods, climbing rocks
Christmas Party and a play at the William Paterson University Theater ended the year.


There is always something going on for the children to enjoy and remember.

This is our way of helping the youngest generation to build a stronger, better future through activities that will remain in their memories.
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