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Our first big event after the renovation of the building was a Christmas party for homeless children organized by a local group of girl scouts.We provided a tree and lights, girls brought ornaments and all the children had fun to decorate it.The tree was ready in no time.

...and...wow...it was beautiful !!!

Then the children were sitted in a circle on the floor and listened to Christmas stories told by one very talented girl scout. We had a lot of sweet treats and ...

Christmas presents for all the children.

Long after the party, the girl scouts as well as the children were talking about the Holiday. Some girl scouts are ready to come back and work as volunteers.



Spring Clean Up:

Again this spring, on April 25th, a group of young people, their parents and Youth Ministry representatives from

The Chapel in Lincoln Park volunteered for some garden work.

Big thank you, the result was stunning !!!


Trips to New York City:

On April 9th one of our families went on a trip to New York City to see "101 Dalmatians Musical" at the Madison Square Garden.The trip was a gift to Nazaira and Dazzier for their Honor Roll Student award presented to them on the behalf of the Clifton Rotary Club and the City Manager-Mr.Al Greco.The children's reaction could be expressed the best in their own words:

New York is a perfect place for entertainment and education. Thank to our sponsor Lorreine LaShell we were able to send one of the families to see "Christmas Spectacular" at the Radio City Music Hall. And again, it was the first time for the children to experience a live show. They enjoyed it so much that the parents are now saving to be able to see "The Lion King" on Broadway.

Our organization believes that introduction of quality activities can be very beneficial to the families as well as to the future of the young generation. This strong belief is shared by another sponsor of ours - "Discovery Communications" which allowed ten of our school aged children to experience ancient history of Egypt. Their "King Tut Exposition" was a piece of art itself. Many thanks to all the people that made it possible to happen. 

                        Our New Backyard:

A group of volunteers from Jacksonville Chapel under the supervision of Ken Seiter spent two Saturdays on building a fence around the yard to make our children play safe. We greatly appreciate the time and the hard work put into the project.

Thank you !!!

We are grateful to Northern Frontier Camp and Royal Kids Camp for having our eight children spent a week of fun with them.

We also would like to thank the sponsors for their generosity that allowed the kids to participate.

Our volunteers Kate and Liz made a fantastic toy box and donated toys for our outdoor activities. Great Job, Girls !!! Thank you very much.

On September 28th a group of young mothers from the International Mothers Club came to treat our families with home cooked delicious dinner. IT WAS AN EVENING TO REMEMBER. We all had a great time. The Club members plan to be more involved, to teach and share their experience with Moms at our house. THANK YOU LADIES !!!

Time for Halloween again !

A new group of girl scouts from Kinnelon is here to decorate, paint pumpkins and
have fun. Everybody enjoyed the afternoon nice weather and outdoor arts

Our children participated in:

Christmas Party

Trip to a Theater
Christmas Play

For the second time the children were honored to meet, have fun and be instructed by John S. Pratt, the Hall of Fame drummer and composer of West Point.

Jack, we thank you for making the time and spend it with our children !!!

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