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Hope Through Care, Inc.  

             Welcome to Grandma's Place in Clifton, NJ

                                                  Our Mission


Aimed to assist homeless families with children to transition them into independent living.
Guided by a strong belief in the dignity of homeless women and their children, our objective is to empower each resident to move from dependence to independence and help them to access permanent housing as quickly as possible. Children are very important to us, so we focus on education and activities that promote child development and stability. 






We just accepted the first family in Working Mothers Program.


The outcry for help is huge as a working, single mother has often no one to turn to. With one income, sporadic child support, no close relatives who would be willing to help; one extra medical or car repair bill and she might be facing eviction that leaves her homeless and ruins her credit history. For years we heard women crying and begging for a room for themselves and their children but we couldn't help them. These women usually don't qualify for any supportive services because of their income. We knew that something should be done about it. We began talking to people who had supported our cause for years, to local churches and some organizations whose mission is focused on women, like Center of Grace, Power of One, Sitting Rooms and we all came to the conclusion that time has come to act on it. Your help and financial support is the key for the program to stay alive. "It is more blessed to give than to receive." (Acts 20:35)



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